Services Offered By Private Medical Clinics

If you've moved from the big city to a smaller municipality, and you are trying to ensure that you and your family can maintain an acceptable level of health care, you may want to look into a private clinic. Unlike public hospitals and urgent care centers which are financed by the government and provide free care, private clinics do require that you bear the costs, but nearly all of them accept medical insurance to offset many of your out of pocket expenses. Here are some of the services they can offer you.

Vaccinations -- Private medical clinics can take care of all your immunisation and vaccination needs. This is especially beneficial if you have children who are required to be on a regular schedule of vaccinations as they grow. But you may also need vaccinations as an adult if you are travelling to a foreign country. To minimise discomfort, several vaccination courses can be administered in one dose, also eliminating the need for multiple visits.

OB/GYN Services -- Private medical clinics can also offer reproductive and general maintenance care for women. This includes administering pregnancy exams, caring for women who are pregnant, providing gynecological care and establishing a family planning program to avoid unwanted pregnancies and menopause care.

Mental Health Services -- If you are suffering from some kind of mental health issue, a private clinic can offer counselling services to help you. Many private clinics have trained counselors that can meet with you on a weekly basis to discuss issues in your life, make suggestions on how to change behavior and even refer you to an inpatient program if they believe you would benefit from a more intensive treatment. Only a psychiatrist, however, can make referrals to an inpatient hospital treatment program.

Overall Wellness Services -- Private clinics can also provide you with primary care physicians who are well-versed in treating a number of common problems such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, obesity and chronic pain. Wellness is really about getting you on a maintenance program once the main symptoms have been treated, so these clinics place special emphasis on healthy eating, exercise and stress relieving activities such as sports, bicycling and hiking.

Big hospitals aren't the only places where you will receive outstanding health care. Private clinics are designed to bridge the gap between self-medication at home and visiting a hospital. They offer a wide range of health services, many of which are covered by insurance.

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