IBS Treatments You Can Try Today

With symptoms such as diarrhoea, bloating and cramping, IBS can make life uncomfortable. Fortunately, healthcare professionals' understanding of the condition is always improving. Because of this, you can find an IBS treatment that makes your life more manageable. Here are some you can try today.  Exercise One key trigger for IBS is stress. When you're going through periods of stress, you may notice that your usual symptoms worsen. One way to overcome this is by trying exercise. Read More 

Emerging Trends That Audiologists Should Watch Out For

Audiologists play an integral role in identifying, assessing, and managing hearing disorders in patients. However, audiologists need to be on top of their game to provide the best possible services, which means staying on top of emerging trends. Notably, technology continues to improve audiology, and embracing advancements helps provide unrivalled care. This article highlights emerging trends that audiologists must watch out for. Read on. Improved Signal Processing When audiologists first introduced digital hearing aids, there was scepticism regarding signal processing quality, which only digitised analog features. Read More